I've actually gotten a lot done in the last couple days! It's starting to feel slightly more like an actual game.

I've added:

  • Feature: An obstacle generator, so the game will automatically generate an endless stream of obstacles for you to overcome, instead of just the 2-3 items that I had manually placed before.
    • This includes various easy/medium/hard words for each obstacle. It's also localized, though it only supports English for now.
  • Feature: Streams, the first jump-over obstacle, are now implemented.
  • Feature: There's now a start menu as well as a pause menu.
    • I had to implement not just the start menu itself, but the "the game doesn't start when the program starts" bit as well.
  • Feature: Sound effects! There's now a sound whenever you type a letter, miss a letter, or complete a word.
    • It's from an 8-bit audio pack, which is alright, but I don't love for this setting. Maybe I should replace it with a "crunching leaf" sound effect or something similarly thematic.
  • Feature: Rain! There are now rain "particles" that fall from the sky and make little "plinks" where they hit the ground.
    • I'm still tweaking this, plus there's no sound yet.
  • Fix: The entire scene is now affected by the day/night cycle, instead of just the background. No more bright pink boxes in the pitch blackness.
  • Fix: Gravity is double what it was before, so it looks a little more realistic. You don't float down so slowly after jumping off a tree stump.
  • Fix: The foreground layer right in front of the camera (the black terrain one) wasn't previously in front of it is, I think.

The latter part of yesterday was menus, sound effects, and rain, which...aren't really key parts of the game. So today I'll be thinking on ways to make the game more fun and ramping up challenge


Going Home (Mac OSX, latest) 24 MB
Version 12 Oct 22, 2017
Going Home (Windows x64, latest) 22 MB
Version 12 Oct 22, 2017
Going Home (Linux x64, latest) 31 MB
Version 15 Oct 22, 2017

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